The Artifacts

  • What materials did the pre-european Maori use to produce their art, garments and tools?
  • What colours were most commonly used by the pre-european Maori?
  • look closely at the colours of the artifacts that have been coloured by traditional dyeing process. Sketch the items and clearly label the dyed and non-dyed parts.
    • What has been used to make this artifact?
    • How might these colours have been made?

    Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.36.53_AM.pngScreen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.34.05_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.34.43_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.33.56_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.33.44_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.33.34_AM.pngScreen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.36.44_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.36.33_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-08-24_at_10.35.17_AM.png