Dunedin's Water Supply
1. Write your own definition for each of these - Catchments, Dams, Reservoirs. Try including a diagram as well.
2. Dunedin's Water Supply
Explain the meanings of:
Raw Water, supply, reticulation and distribution.
3. Water Collection in Dunedin
What are the four local sources of water collection? Draw a digram of each one.
Where does our town water supply come from? Mark them onto your map.
4. Reservoirs and water distribution
What is a reservoir?
How many reservoirs are there in Dunedin?
What are the names of our two treatment plants? Mark them onto your map.
What is a megalitre?

Option #1 History or water in Dunedin
Present a timeline to show the progress of water collection in Dunedin.
Option #2 Methods of Treatment
Draw a flow chart complete with pictures and descriptions of the different stages of water treatment.