Click on the picture to read through the interactive text and answer as many questions below as you can...

Organise the information for questions 1 & 2 onto a table.

  1. How many kilometres thick is the Earth's crust? The Mantle? The Outer Core? The Inner Core?
  2. What is each layer made up of?
  3. Can you either graph these thicknesses or present a scale drawing of inside the Earth?

Continents on the Move:
  1. How do we know that the continents are on the move?
  2. Present a timeline to explain Pagaea, Gondwana, and Laurasia. What happened next?
  3. Use your timeline to help you complete the activity on the Plate Tectonics slide. Screen shot your answer.

Plates and Boundaries:
  1. What are the two types of crusts and where do we find them?
  2. What are the three different group of tectonic plates? Draw a diagram to show the movement of each one.
  3. What type of tectonic plate runs through New Zealand?