Here's is fun way to practise your punctuation skills using "Paintball"! Remember - you don't need to register to play! Just click "maybe later" until you are sure that you want to register.

This links you to the team's current spelling lists during EVEN weeks. Click on your child's list and it will take you to a range of online and printable activities that will help your child practise those actual list words. Try playing some of the games with your child! Even weeks are a time to focus on our own writing and the words we are using that need to be learnt. They will come home in the form of personal lists and children can type in their own words for spelling practice and games.
Need Some New Ways to Practise Your Words OFF-LINE? This site might help you come up with some new ways to learn those words!
Dance Mat Typing is a New Way to Practice Getting to Know the Keyboard..
New Zealand Children review their favourite books. Use this link to find your next "good" read!

math_marven.pngA fun story for all young budding detectives and problem solvers.