'Living 'n Giving' was the theme for our Year Five Programme to be held between March 30 and April 3.
Please remember to pay your $15 fee to cover the costs associated with 'Living 'n Giving'. Your contribution is much appreciated.

Watch our slideshow to find out more about what we gave to our community, our families, and our school.

LIVING 'N GIVING was .... awesome, fun, exciting, amazing, groovy, tiring, super, funky, fabulous, spectacular and SPECIAL for all of the Year 5s! Here are our reflections about the week that was!


  • Designing and making mural panels
  • Fun making games for other classes
  • Just as exciting to be giving as receiving
  • Making home-made lavender soap to give to a food bank
  • Being able to choose what you would give back to the school
  • Made us feel good
  • Working together and making new friends
  • Feel proud of what we did
  • Getting the jobs done really well
  • Designing and making our own burgers for our families

  • Just about enough time to finish all the activities
  • Working with different groups
  • Not always working with your friends
  • Having to use a little bit of our lunch times
  • Performing in a different environment

  • Hard to work outside in the sun when you have to work fast
  • Trying to solve any problems
  • Spilling paint while we were painting our mural panels
  • Performing in a crowded space
  • Some things were confusing at first

Some Writing by Room 13 about Living and Giving

Tonight I am making hamburgers with crunchy lettuce, tasty tomatoes, juicy pineapple and meat with rib sauce.
I made them for my Aunt Kerry and cousin Keegan. It was on Thursday. I had to set it up for Thursday evening for my parents and my aunt Kerry and cousin Keegan. I had to get a watermelon, to cut up with a sharp knife, but before that I had to set up tables to cut up the watermelon.
When I finished cutting up the watermelon I had to put it on a plate and cover it with glad wrap.

Everyone had a job and mine was finished. By Duncan New