The Story of Drinking Water

1.How much of the human body is water?

2.What does H2O mean?

3.How long can the human body last without water? what happens to it?

4.What 3 states can water be found in? eg ...

5.Who delivers the water to the houses?

6.Describe what is happening in each part of the water cycle? draw a picture.

7.How much of the world is made up of water? what types of water is it made up of?

8.On page 11- Order the household's use of water from the smallest usage to largest usage.

9.How do you get steam?

Questions by Larsson

10. How much water is in human blood? what does it do?

11. What does expensive and substance mean?

12. How hot does water have to be, to create steam?

13. Draw and explain ( GROUND WATER )

14. How long can a human last without water?

15. How does water get to your house?

16. What are the different types of water on earth? where would you find them?

Questions by Lewis M