There are some fantastic resources to help our students practise and learn their basic facts...

Click Here to find downloadable activities and links specific to our learning goals.

NZ maths explained to NZ families! Links to useful activities as well! Playing games provides good opportunities for children to learn about logic and strategies. For example playing cards and board games are good ways to encourage and develop children's numeracy ability.
Practise your basic facts with opponents from around the world!

Math_Attack.png Play a range of games - brain gym, problem solving and much, much more....
Play these exciting mathematic games to improve your basic fact recall.

Bright Sparks on NZ Maths has some fun challenges!

BBC has a selection of games for 4 - 11 year olds. It includes online and printable resources including an explanation of how they might help develop numeracy skills.


If you like "The Pirates of the Carribean" - this is a fun way to practice your place value knowledge of Decimal and Whole Numbers!

Make sure you ask your parents if you can download the games first! There are some fantastic free games here!

Let the Battles Begin! Here is a fun way to practise your basic facts. You can play against someone at home or on your own!

An excellent site to practice your basic facts.

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