Senior Team, St Clair School, 2013
Welcome to 2012 with the Senior Team!
Please feel free to drop by our classrooms anytime to see what the Senior Team is up to. We realise though, this is not always possible so we hope that this wiki space provides a useful link to important dates, current learning and key notices. Each class will be developing an online space where the children can share their learning and achievements. We believe this offers a "window" to our classroom.

You will also be able to find our current "Learning at Home" grid along with online games and activities that will directly support your child's current learning.

Contact Details -

School - Website - e-mail the Office
phone - 03 4558 199
Claire Buist - e-mail, extn 209
Verity Kerr - email, extn 215
Dale Hunter - email, extn 217
Rebecca Avery - e-mail, extn 218